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Welcome to Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection friends.  Here you will find delicious THC infused edibles and $100 per oz bud. Open your minds and explore this newly created Alderville First Nation Cannabis Culture home.

Try out our exclusive line of High Test THC infused dark Belgian chocolate bars. They come in high potency 375 mg THC total. (25 mg THC per square) and very high potency which is 750 mg THC total. (50 mg THC per square). This level of potency cannot be found outside of First Nations Territory who self regulate a cannabis and aren’t under Health Canada regulations.

To order product: click phone or messenger icons at right of page and be in immediate contact with Toking Teepee who will provide details. Or text or call David @ 289-251-1576

Spark a doobie, get your vape on or just consume your favourite edible while exploring our community.  Everyone welcome here.  We are all friendly and courteous.  Things are booming here in Alderville.  Come check us out after exploring our blog.

Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection is excited and proud to put Alderville Village on the map as we join the First Nations movement of exercising our right to self government and self determination regarding the regulation of the cannabis industry from the stand point of First Nations people.

It is the intent of Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection to preserve the quality and integrity of the production and distribution process of cannabis products in Alderville.  We want to avoid being under the thumb of corporate control which may involve being federally regulated to only provide government approved (made by Monsanto) GMO frankinweed.  Who wants that?  Not me.  I prefer old school primo ganja in my vape thank you very much.  Explore and comment when the mood strikes you.

Alderville First Nation Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection.

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