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Can you buy weed online in Canada?

Looking to buy weed online in Canada? Toking Teepee is your one-stop shop for all your cannabis product needs! We sell flowers, edibles, and concentrates on our online store, and have a wide range of marijuana strains for you to choose from. Free delivery is available on all purchases over $100, so finding the best cannabis products and strains for your needs has never been easier! Sign up today and start browsing our extensive catalogue of marijuana products! You won’t be disappointed!

Still have more questions? Contact us directly @ 289-251-1576, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!

Looking to buy weed online in Canada?

Look no further than our online weed delivery service! We offer a convenient, safe and easy way to get your weed delivered right to your door. You may text or even better order here on site to guarantee that we have your order correct and that we’ll take care of the rest. Your order will be vacuum sealed and delivered safely, so you can enjoy your weed without worry. So what are you waiting for? Buy weed online in Canada today!

Buying weed online in Canada?

Just Got Easier

If you’re wondering if you can buy weed online in Canada, the answer is now yes! You’ll find various weed products available, from delicious THC-infused edibles to hash and vape pens, to distillates like CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 9. In addition, you’ll find various buds ranging in price from $50 per oz to $240 for craft-grade 5-star bud.

Open your mind and explore this newly created cannabis culture hub from Alderville First Nation. We strive to be the best online weed delivery service in Canada, offering a wide variety of products and services to meet all your needs. So why wait? Start your online weed shopping experience today!

A Message From Toking Teepee

Due to overwhelming demand in our delivery service please help us streamline our process by texting your requests. All orders vacuum sealed and delivered contact free.

If you’re looking to buy weed online in Canada, there’s no better place than Toking Teepee.



Fast Home Delivery

Excellent Rating

Safety From Covid Risk

We offer a convenient delivery service that covers the entire country, so you can get your hands on the best cannabis products no matter where you are. Plus, we offer both cash on delivery and e-transfer options for your convenience.

And if you ever have any questions or problems, our friendly support team is always just a phone call or text away. Avoid the hassle of travelling to a dispensary and dealing with the risk of carrying weed products in your car for a distance. Buy online from Toking Teepee and get pick up notice delivered right to your door. Plus, you’ll save on gas and travel time. So why wait? Buy weed online in Canada today at Toking Teepee!

Buy Weed Online In Canada

Hash and Extractions

Derived from the resin of the plant, these awesome cannabis concentrates have unique favours and effects. Buy hash and extraction products today


Relax, kick back and enjoy our variety of indicas. With high potency and delicious flavour profiles, these aren’t to be missed. Buy indica online, it’s easy


Expect vivid and uplifting highs with the sativa choices available on Toking Teepee. Discover our top-quality bud, and buy sativa online from us today


From gummies to chocolate to lollipops, our THC-infused treats will help you chill out and even have a better sleep! Buy weed edibles online today

Thc Vape Pens

With a variety of weed vape pens and refill accessories, enjoying a smoke has never been easier! No need to roll, buy vape pens online today and relax!

Premium Flowers

Sold by the ounce, our premium flowers come in a number of different strains and have a high THC content. Buy our premium flowers online, you’ll love them!

When you buy weed online in Canada from how do you pay for orders safely?

Covid-19 has made it unsafe to handle cash, so please consider paying for your next order by eTransfer. This will help keep you and the people you interact with safe. This is the safest method of payment, and it’s easy to set up. Just add the following eTransfer recipient to your account,

name: David Baker


If everything is configured correctly, the funds will be automatically transferred by auto-transfer. To make things easier for you, passwords are not needed. Then after ordering, provide your order number in the memo for fast processing time. Thanks for your consideration!

Set up eTransfer account to:

David Baker


Text me the order number as memo and phrase to safely access transfer.

  • Alderville First Nation Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection.
  • Spark a doobie, get your vape on or just consume your favourite edible while exploring our community. Everyone is welcome here. We are all friendly and courteous. Things are booming here in Alderville. Come check us out after exploring our blog.
  • Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection is excited and proud to put Alderville Village on the map as we join the First Nations movement of exercising our right to self government and self determination regarding the regulation of the cannabis industry from the stand point of First Nations people.
Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection is committed to preserving the quality and integrity of the production and distribution process of cannabis products in Alderville. We want to avoid corporate control, which may involve federally regulated regulations to only provide government-approved (made by Monsanto) GMO frankinweed. Who wants that? Not me. I prefer old school, primo ganja from my local weed store in my vape. Thank you so much. Explore and comment when the mood strikes you.

  • Our online weed store and delivery service provide free shipping on orders totalling $100 or more. Toking Teepee is a top-notch online dispensary and delivery service; a one-stop-shop to buy your weed products online – It’s the weed store you’ve always wanted!

Do you want to buy marijuana online in Canada? Look no further than Alderville! We’ve got everything you need to get your vape on, or just enjoy your favorite edible. Our community is friendly and welcoming, and things are booming here! Come check us out after exploring our website. You won’t be disappointed!

Alderville Village is excited to be a part of the First Nations movement to regulate the cannabis industry. We are proud to offer our customers high quality, locally-sourced cannabis products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and excellent customer service. Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about cannabis, and they are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns our customers may have.

We are Alderville’s premier online weed store, and we invite you to check us out! Whether you’re a first-time cannabis user or seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Thanks for supporting Alderville Village and the First Nations cannabis industry!

If you’re wondering if you can buy weed online in Canada, Toking Teepee is the place to go. We have a great selection of cannabis products at the most competitive prices, so you can always get what you need to keep your smoking sessions going strong. Plus, our convenient online ordering system makes it easy to get your hands on the goods

When you buy weed online from us, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality products. We source our cannabis from the best growers in the country, and we only sell products that meet our rigorous quality standards.

Promotions & News

Promotions & News

First Nations Legal Marijuana Controversy

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New Cannabis laws Bill C45 bringing mixed feeling among First Nations leaders.

First Nations Cannabis Gold Mine

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Join our booming movement in our First Nations self regulated cannabis industry on reserve. Start a new career path with unlimited growth potential or generate a 2nd income.

A Vision For First Nation Cannabis Culture

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First Nation cannabis culture recognizing the benefits of marijuana.

Understanding First Nations Sovereignty

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Understanding First Nations Sovereignty.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Alderville First Nation Cannabis Dispensaries Declare Sovereignty

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Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition  of Sovereignty:  2 a : supreme power especially over a body politic b : freedom from external control : autonomy c : controlling influence "ALDERVILLE -…
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