Month: November 2019

Welcome to The Toking Teepee Alderville Cannabis Bud Grower Dispensary

Home of native Canadian Alderville cannabis bud farmer and where to find $100 per OZ bud near the green mile in Alderville Ontario tucked away in the heart of First Nation territory. At the Toking Teepee you will find descent quality bud grown organically…

Rob Stevenson from Alderville First Nation Going to Yale to Discuss Our Unique Cannabis Self Regulation process.

Alderville Cannabis Grower Fed Up with Bull Shit

As an Alderville cannabis grower I was taken in by BS about the Alderville cannabis dispensaries supporting the local producers by testing and selling our cannabis. With the exception of the Medicine Wheel dispensary where I am employed in security, other cannabis testing labs…

Toking Teepee
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