Welcome to The Toking Teepee Alderville Cannabis Bud Grower Dispensary

Home of native Canadian Alderville cannabis bud farmer and where to find $100 per OZ bud near the green mile in Alderville Ontario tucked away in the heart of First Nation territory. At the Toking Teepee you will find descent quality bud grown organically and hand trimmed that some compare in quality to indoor grown marijuana.

The bud sold for $100 per OZ is typically 20 percent THC or higher.

cannabis bud
$100 per oz Cannabis Bud

The Toking Teepee isn’t your typical cannabis dispensary experience as you are buying direct from grower. If you are picking up some cannabis products here please phone or text in advance. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy as a cannabis buyer that you won’t get at most cannabis dispensaries:

  • No line ups
  • lower cannabis prices buying direct from farmer
  • organically grown cannabis bud main product
  • bonus medicine gifts with every order
  • buying direct from Cannabis growers in Alderville First Nation
  • Option to Preorder by eTransfer (contact for details)
  • coming soon: accept bitcoin payments and online payments

The Cannabis Bud Here Rocks!!!

Every marijuana bud is hand trimmed leaving the surface the crystals intact.

hand trimmed cannabis bud
Hand trimmed organic cannabis bud
organic bud
Surface Crystals from Organic Primo outdoor bud here. $100 per OZ.


While the Toking Teepee cannabis web site remains under construction you may contact us any time to purchase cannabis bud or other related products. David 289-251-1576

Toking Teepee
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