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A Vision For First Nation Cannabis Culture

This is a message to the First Nation cannabis culture in Alderville:

We are now entering a time where cannabis has become officially defined as a medicine as well as a safe recreational consumable product. The Canadian federal government is in the final stages of activating Bill C45 whereby a large part of the regulatory control is to be in the hands of each province.  Say hello First Nation Cannabis culture in Alderville and others who are taking the initiative.
Under Bill C45 the First Nations People across Canada were excluded from the regulatory process which can only lead First Nation cannabis culture people to assume that the process of regulation is already in our hands. What have we been waiting for?

In many First Nation territories the stores are able to sell tobacco products separate from federal taxation regulations. Each First Nation when it comes to federal taxation laws are already functioning as a separate country. As such anyone from outside of First Nation Territory entering and leaving is required to declare tax free purchases and then pay the tax if they are following the law. That’s a good thing for First Nation cannabis culture dispensaries.
This leads to my vision for present and future growers of Alderville  First Nation cannabis culture. We start by gathering together in meetings to collaborate with each other sharing ideas and methods of production. We come up with a set of rules that we all agree to follow that will insure quality production that we can all benefit from. For example no unfair price gouging we need to be paid fairly for what we produce. There is more then enough wholesale business for everyone.
Personally I would like to see Alderville cannabis growers incorporate and pool our resources and knowledge together to build an acre sized indoor production facility.  We could then plan and design  a streamlined cannabis production system that we all agree would be the best way to go.   This could be a team effort reaping multiple times what we could produce alone.  Anyone on board with that idea get a hold of me. The sky is the limit.  Let’s put Alderville  First Nation cannabis culture on the map.
Marijuana production has the potential to literal transform the economy for Alderville making this Oasis our paradise on earth. We could afford our own security force. Finance our infrastructure through a tax that we agree is fair so that money is returned to the community productively.  This will be a win win for Alderville First Nation people both members and non members of the Alderville  First Nation cannabis culture are sure to be winners as this takes hold.
I see our Alderville  First Nation cannabis culture becoming known and respected for the quality of our cannabis products as well as for our innovation for being among the early pioneers of having a marijuana economy that lifts our First Nations people into a better life.


Minimum order amount is $100.00