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Alderville First Nation Cannabis Dispensaries Declare Sovereignty

By August 31, 2018July 20th, 2020No Comments

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition  of Sovereignty
2 a : supreme power especially over a body politic
b : freedom from external control : autonomy
c : controlling influence
“ALDERVILLE – He doesn’t have a criminal record, but come Oct. 17, Alderville’s Rob Stevenson is willing to go to jail for his cause.”  full story:  Northumberland News – Alderville First Nation …

Rob Stevenson is one of many First Nations pioneers bringing in a potential Golden Green Age to well positioned First  Nation Lands which are receptive to responsible self regulation which benefits the whole community as much as possible.  It’s exciting to see Alderville becoming a place where many people go to enjoy laboratory tested cannabis medicine products.
First Nation communities like Alderville enjoy sovereign rights on their own land. First Nation owned and operated Cannabis  Dispensaries operating on there own land under sovereign principles have already lifted countless people out of unemployment and for First Nations members of Alderville many even poverty has now found it’s end.
See: United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
In my opinion as far as First Nations Lands and people are concerned if they can benefit from responsibly regulating their own cannabis industry it should be a no brainer.  Otherwise the doors are wide open to outside governments dictating and monopolizing an industry which was already in place.  The same thing that happened with tobacco if challenged constitutionally will happen with cannabis I believe and hope.
Toking Teepee Editor

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