Cannabis Products

 Time for planting 🙂

Offer: professional Indigenous grown cannabis plants for $200. I will grow and maintain for entire season 1 plant grown in 10 gallons of True Living Organic soil. Expect average of 1 half pound per plant. Each plant you sponsor will be tagged to you. At harvest time you get to harvest and dry and trim your own buds. I will do the rest. Also will send pictures of your girl(s) upon request throughout.

Limited space offer for up to 100 plants total. You supply your own and I will grow for you or I will supply available strains according to your choice. Remote monitoring, security and labour provided on site for your peace of mind.

Phone or text: David @  289-251-1576

Strains available:

Northern Lights

King Tut

Visit Medicine Wheel for other strains.

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