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Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil.  Dispensary Supplies Available soon.


In stock (see below):+ Double Bubble Outdoor organic: Limited Supply.   
Where to buy:  Medicine Wheel Natural Healing

Medicine Wheel Natural Healing is located in Alderville First Nation North of Cobourg ON at 8986 Highway 45, near the town of Roseneath.



Double bubble strain as seen above gives you a cerebral chatty high without leaving you feeling tired.  In edible form the feeling lasts for up to 4 hours and is well worth waiting up to 2 hours to kick in.


Notable fact:  The reason you get high when smoking or vaping is because a heat process causes the inactive THCA to convert to psychoactive THC.  Because this is done at a much higher then optimal rate of heat for maximum decarboxylation (there is actually a researched science behind the temperature and time needed for optimal conversion from THCA which is not psychoactive into THC. )  The decarb process for preparing cannabis bud to be infused into edible form provides as much as 5 times the THC conversion as smoking it or vaping it.  As a result you get much more active THC in your system per gram of bud from eating it after decarb process then you do from smoking or vaping.


Up next:  THC infused Nanaimo bars.  Mostly organic ingredients.  Each piece is 50mg to 75mg THC. (based on potential of 130 mg to 150 mg per gram of THC found in first tested batch of double bubble strain.  Cannabis was decarboxylated prior to infusing into coconut oil.

Nothing but the best organic ingredients go into the process


First experimental batch of infused Nanaimo bars.  About 75 mg THC per bar. (below)



More wholesale cannabis products coming soon



Phone or text: David @  289-251-1576

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