Cannabis Products: Plants

 Time for planting 🙂

Offer: professional Indigenous grown cannabis plants for $200. Walk away with up to 4 bushy plants over 24″ each. Or leave with our team and pick up at harvest time.

Cannabis plants offer expires Aug. 1, 2019

If your purchased plants are left on site with our team we will expertly grow and maintain for entire season each plant grown in 10 gallons of True Living Organic soil. Expect average of between 4 oz (minimum guaranteed) to 1 half pound of dried bud per plant after drying and trimming. . Each plant we grow for you will be tagged to you. At harvest time you get to harvest, dry and trim your own buds. We will do the rest. Also will send pictures of your girl(s) upon request throughout grow season.

Limited time offer for up to 50 plants total. Remote monitoring, security and labour provided on site for your peace of mind.

Phone or text: David @  289-251-1576

Strains available:

Northern Lights

King Tut

Kushy Kush

Wonka Bar

Malibou Pie

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