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First Nations Cannabis Gold Mine

To First Nations members:
Do you grow your own marijuana plants to save money or for a hobby?  Why not turn your cannabis hobby into an income.  On reserve marijuana sales are booming.  The supply demand is virtually unlimited in the Alderville cannabis district alone.  Tobacco market already saturated folks; however this new green gold industry has the potential to create the biggest economic boom First Nations people have ever seen.
I can personally see this becoming like an unstoppable train with room for any First Nation member to get on board.  Some bands who are opposing this movement are depriving their own people of a momentous once in a life time opportunity for financial independence.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Financial freedom? The Canadian federal government sure dropped the ball when the new Bill C45 failed to include First Nations members into the regulation process.  This would have been undesirable in either case as we already have the right under self government treaties to set and enforce our own regulations without the need for government taxation involvement just like it is with tobacco now.
I have a vision of the First Nations marijuana industry opening the possibility for generating enough local sales tax revenue (if implemented) to become fully self sufficient as a self governing community.  Alderville First Nation is already generating an estimated $100,000 per day in cannabis related revenue which is still in the early growth stages.
Of course big gov can’t be too happy with on reserve cannabis dispensaries just like with untaxed tobacco sales.  The plan will likely be to step up enforcement against the off reserve clients of the marijuana dispensaries due to there being no tax revenue sharing arrangements in place with the Canadian or provincial government.  It’s all about the money to be generated of course and the government wants the lions share of it.  Should First Nations come to a revenue and common regulatory agreement that would be a bad thing for the stores and the customers.  It will put full regulatory control in the hands of the government which will eventually replace current cannabis strains with government  GMO Monsanto created “frankinweed strains” that don’t clone or generate seeds so you have to keep buying more seeds like it is now with GMO corn.
What are your thoughts or comments about the First Nations marijuana gold rush?

Minimum order amount is $100.00