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Toking Teepee

At Toking Teepee We Deliver bud, edibles and extracts to you.

Welcome to Toking Teepee online bud delivery service.  Many customers throughout Canada are now enjoying safe contact free delivery both within and outside our designated delivery radius.

At Toking Teepee we offer free cannabis product delivery services which take up to 5 days within our delivery radius guaranteed.  If outside normal delivery radius the delivery cost is added and is a shared cost due to the different delivery rates based on location.

Toking Teepee is also offering same day to next day deliveries depending on time of order that is fee based according to distance.   Free deliveries occur during paid delivery runs that are close to delivery zone or due because it’s been 5 days already.  ie. If you opt for free delivery of your weed products you need only wait until the next same day paid delivery comes to your area up to 5 days max.

Minimum order amount is $100.00