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Hash and other extracts or derivatives get the most out of cannabis flowers by providing a pure and powerful experience, one that has been tested far and wide for hundreds of years. Recently, new extraction techniques have changed the market for cannabis concentrate products, with ingredients like honey oil giving hash a run for its money as the leading cannabis derivative.

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Hash has a long and storied history; it is the original cannabis extract. Although its true origins remain a topic of debate, the current consensus is that hand-rolled hashish first appeared across the Indian subcontinent and Middle East sometime around 900 CE. Hash began circulating in the Western world around the turn of the 19th century and has since become world-renowned.

Hash techniques have evolved over the years. But they can all trace their roots to the hand-rolled method, where the hash is made by rubbing cannabis flowers between the hands until a layer of resin remains. That resin, hand-rolled hash, would then be smoked or added to food.

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The new wave of cannabis extracts is led by products like THC oil and wax concentrates. These products are made by processing cannabis flowers to harness the essential oils and cannabinoids they contain. The resulting extraction is free from impurities, which provides an efficient and refined experience. Extracts can be consumed in a variety of ways, ranging from oral ingestion to smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing.

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