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Buy Sativa online in Canada.

People are choosing to buy Sativa online in Canada, for safe delivery.  Sativa strains are perfect for users looking for a cerebral and euphoric boost that won’t leave you glued to the couch. They can be a great complement to physical activities, social gatherings, and creative outlets like art and music. The sativa strains we sell deliver uplifting and energizing results, which is why they are always in high demand. That said, Toking Teepee carries several Sativa strains, so you can always find the one that suits your tastes perfectly.

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Black Cherry Soda (5 star) Although the Black Cherry Soda strain has unknown origins, this one was grown by master growers who take pride in producing 5 star grade buds.

Strawberry Cough (quad) If you are looking to buy Sativa online, this strain is a good choice if you prefer high THC levels.  The THC of this potent Strawberry Cough strain is 26 percent.  There is a noticeably pleasant sweet tropical berry aroma that leaves a mildly tart aftertaste, followed by a cloud of thick smoke that gets you coughing.  You may know the saying, “you have to cough to get off”.

Grape Escape (middle shelf). This Grape Escape strain from 2021 is a rare find.   The sativa dominant hybrid bud was originally bred by crossing Grape Stomper with OG Grape Krypt strains.

When you buy Sativa online in Canada, ensure it’s from a reliable supplier, such as here at Toking Teepee.

Where’s My Bike, (middle shelf)

Green Leaf Love Potion (bottom shelf)

Gorilla Cookies (bottom shelf)

Sour Diesel (bottom shelf)

Toking Teepee is the best place to buy sativa online in Canada. Our catalogue is often updated with new and exciting strains. Check back regularly to see what we have in store!