1000 Mg Yoda Extracts Vape Pens – Disposable




Check out these Yoda Extracts high test Vape pens we just got.  Using our high quality disposable Yoda Vape Pens will put a smile on your face.  Enjoy low key product usage with minimal smell.  Inhaling from the Yoda Vape pens is easy to do with no buttons.  Just inhale and enjoy using discreetly. Each Yoda Extracts Vape pen contains a full 1000 mg of 97 percent THC distillate.    That’s double the amount of distillate found in other Vape pens.   This high quality disposoable vape pen sells for up to $90.  For a limited time get big savings when you buy 2 Yoda 1000 mg Vape pens.

These fire Yoda Extracts vape pens come in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid forms and in multiple flavours.

OG Kush, Skittles, Zkittles, Summer Watermelon are (Indica)

Biscotti (hybrid)

Guava, Sour Tangie, Jack Herer (Sativa)

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Yoda Vape Pens

Sour Tangie, Summer Watermelon, Biscotti, Guava, 2 For $100

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