Classic Headband Hybrid Strain




This classic Headband hybrid strain is a slightly Indica Dominant Hybrid 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa.  The THC of this bud is 24 percent.

The Headband strain is a popular and classic favourite of many who prefer a more balanced hybrid experience. This sweet smelling bud is widely available throughout Canada all it’s rise to popularity started in the West Coast.

Our classic Headband strain is was bred with OG Kush and Sour Diesel as the parents.  Headband was originally named due to its well known cerebral effects, balanced by the relaxing and calming sensation brought on by Indica strains.  This unique combination is reported to induce a pleasantly light pressure going across your forehead similar to a headband.

Headband is best for use at treating conditions that respond positively to THC.   One thing to consider when deciding to choose this strain is that it has a tendency to induce a powerful sensation of euphoria and creativity.

The most powerful effects of the Headband strain are physical and relaxing.   This makes it a perfect option for relieving chronic pain as well as anxiety.   It can also be used to treat nausea and wasting conditions, as well as mood disorders, muscle spasms, and migraines. Headband has a smooth, creamy taste with undertones of lemon and diesel.  Expect dry mouth and dry eyes; other negative effects are more rare.

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