Cookie Crumble clones for sale


Cookie Crumble clones for sale.  Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa / THC 25%

“It is known for its high THC. It packs a head turning punch.”

The Cookie Crumble clones are an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.  Expect an explosion of cerebral stimulation and intense body highs to please its users. The plant is easy to grow and has a regular flowering period. Once the plant matures, it provides an average harvest of fat and abundant buds.


  • Uplifting effect initially
  • induces relaxation
  • alleviates stress
  • works like an anti-depressant
  • pain reduction
  • muscle relaxant
  • relieves arthritis
  • calms headaches

Furthermore, the strain delivers an Indica-heavy high that goes straight to the mind. The high stimulates and uplifts the mind while giving your body complete relaxation. The effects can treat certain conditions, like stress and depression. Physical ailments like headaches, arthritis, and muscle spasms can also benefit from the strain’s pain-relieving qualities.

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Large Sized Cookie Crumble clones for sale to limited delivery radius including areas that qualify for same day deliveries.

Cookie Crumble clones are 60 percent Indica dominant hybrid and 40 percent Sativa producing THC levels averaging 25 percent.  These luscious clones will be in stock within a few days.  Preorder now and get dibs before they sell out.

Flavour and Effects

The Cookie Crumble clones for sale produce buds that emanate sweet and earthy aromas which linger in your nostrils, leaving you with a strong desire to inhale its fragrance.  Smoking Cookie Crumble bud compares to enjoying your favourite dessert.  Your blissful joy inducing serotonin levels rises while inhaling the smoke of this sweet bud. These Cookie Crumble clones for sale online from produce light green and purple hued buds that will mesmerize you with their smell and appearance if treated well.  If you cure the buds, the effect of inhaling its smoke is smooth and doesn’t induce coughing.  Smoking the bud leaves a fragrant aftertaste with each puff.

After you have overcome the joy-inducing taste, you experience a cerebral high that is balanced and uplifting.  The high packs a punch that feels like being wrapped in a blanket of euphoria.  With a THC level averaging 25 percent, the ecstatic feeling of happiness comes upon you quickly.  This is definitely not a creeper.  You’ll feel it before you finish your session.   Enjoy the sense of well-being that Sativa offers, while eventually drifting into a more relaxed state.  Find a comfortable place, while deep relaxation develops into a more tranquil effect.


Medical Benefits of the Bud from Cookie Crumble clones?

This strain has extraordinary therapeutic effects that are beneficial to medical marijuana patients. It is used to ease migraines, headaches, neuropathic, arthritic pains, and muscle spasms. Its highly sedative properties will have you feeling relieved immediately. Patients use this strain as a stress reliever. The calming feeling of this bud puts you in a place of complete relaxation, even getting you ready for a deep and long sleep.


Possible Adverse Effects from Cookie Crumble Strain

Typical of any high THC weed, the following adverse effects are possible.  Use safely and responsibly, according to your tolerance level.

  • dry eyes (eye drops will help)
  • may trigger paranoia
  • dizziness
  • anxiety
  • sensitivity to high THC
  • cottonmouth (drink plenty of water)

Make sure to hydrate yourself with more water or juices before and after smoking, and apply some eye drops to ease the dry eyes.

How To Grow Cookie Crumble Clones?

Cookie Crumble is mostly Indica and is relatively easy to grow. This short and bushy strain flowers in 8-10 weeks, producing average yields of chunky buds. Outdoor flowering in the 2nd to 3rd week of October, depending on the weather conditions.  Cold weather may induce early harvest time.

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