Nerds Ropes 600 mg THC Buy 3 Get One Free


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Buy Nerd Ropes in Canada online.  Each Nerd Rope contains 600 mg of THC. These powerful and tasty Nerd ropes, which are sweet and tangy flavoured, are available in multi colored packaging, but mostly the same flavours.

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Nerds Rope Bites 600 mg THC Buy 3 Get One Free

Where to buy Nerd Ropes Canada?  Right here, that’s where. Experience these indescribably delicious and crunchy THC infused Medicated Nerds Ropes.

This is where to buy Nerd Ropes Canada. Totally Crunchy Nerd Ropes are Here!

Experience this indescribably delicious and crunchy THC infused Medicated Nerds Ropes.   Savour each bite with assorted tangy nerd flavours.   Be careful eating these potent Medicated Nerds ropes, as each pack is infused with 600 mg THC.   Taste these medicated Nerds Ropes today and relax with these delicious nerdy candies coated outside of yummy THC infused gelatin pieces.    Satisfy both your sweet tooth cravings and muscles after a long day of work.

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