Pink Graveyard AAAA Grade Indica




Pink Graveyard: Indica Dominant 80 percent Indica / 20 percent Sativa with 33 percent THC

Pink Graveyard strain is a rare imported high grade Indica dominant hybrid strain.  The Pink Graveyard strain is likely a cross between pink kush and death bubba although little can be found online about it.  The buds are dense nugs full of crystals.

Pink Graveyard is limited in supply, rare and holds a higher supply cost.  That’s why we are charging $220 for an Oz and $120 for a half oz.

Pink Graveyard is one of those special exotic strains which comes at a higher premium.   That’s we have to charge more then the usual top shelf price of $200.   It’s worth the added cost when measured in quality.  You’ll enjoy dense heavy nugs with mixed sizes and a very pleasant, soothing smell of sweet medicine.   Just the smell of this bud brings the AAAA quality to your attention.  You know your getting top notch for your buck.  That’s all that really counts.    After smoking some of these high test Indica buds you’ll be left couch bound enjoying the sensation of motionlessness.

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7 grams, Half OZ, OZ

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