Sour Diesel Harvest 2020


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Sour Diesel Review

Sour Diesel (sometimes abbreviated as Sour D) is a cannabis variety or variety characterized by its high THC content and high CBD content. Sour diesel, long popular with cannabis enthusiasts, is the result of a combination of cannabis strains derived from seeds bought at a concert and a mixture of varieties from different sources. 

In taste, Sour Diesel varieties have a tropical fruitiness that is citrus and slightly bitter. Sour diesel can sometimes taste a little earthy, but it is the taste of diesel lemon that gives sour diesel its well-recognized flavor. 

Although the high THC content of Sour Diesel marijuana provides a feeling of light headedness, it can also be used to successfully treat chronic and debilitating pain and also delivers wonderful euphoria without severity. Patients suffering from depression and stress also benefit from the positive effects of this exposure and its use in the treatment of anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health problems. The acidic diesel leaves you much more relaxed and able to cope with the daily tasks. 

When broken up, Sour Diesel bud exudes a delicious, pungent aroma that reminds me most of pine, but does not immediately get the amazing smell of the OG-Kush or Sour Diesel varieties, two of my favorites. I checked it some time ago and found that it has a much stronger, stronger flavour than what I usually experience with these varieties. This batch of acidic diesel has a slightly different flavour profile than the cannabis I have verified with Daniel’s smell. It has an earthy, woody flavor than I’m used to, with a little spice and a hint of citrus. 

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