Recommended Alderville Cannabis Dispensaries

Did you hear the news about Alderville Cannabis Dispensary and want to check it out for yourself?  At present you can drive up highway 45 North of 1rst Line which is North of Cobourg Ontario Canada if you aren’t local and within the next 8 km discover at least 12 Cannabis dispensaries.  They are all friendly and courteous with varying product lines to explore.

The First cannabis dispensary to successfully open up and  remain open is The Medicine Wheel Healing Centre found North of Cobourg, Ontario (take hwy 45 and Division) exit from 401 then North 25 minutes to Alderville First Nation which is just past Fenella before the town of Roseneath about 25 minute drive from Cobourg.

Tip expect long line ups and wait time at most dispensaries.

Avoid line ups and wait time If you just want good local indigenous grown organic bud or great honey oil direct from grower contact David at Toking Teepee at 289-251-1576

3 Comments on “Recommended Alderville Cannabis Dispensaries

  1. Hey Tokers, could you tell me if you carry Rick Simpson Oil or Honey Oil, what quantity does it come in, (1 gram, etc.) and finally, the price?

    We all live in Gananoque and we’re planning a road trip out to see you.

    Frank Lawler
    613 453-1085

  2. Awesome, I will be adding all these dispensaries to Budhub Canada so users can find all of them easier and faster.

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