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Cut and rooted the clones myself (re: picture of grow table).   It took 2 full days of work to clean up and prepare.  I will be taking courses specializing in growing cannabis so I can be certified and qualified to give meaningful advice in the near future.   In the meantime I am happy to share my marijuana growing journey with whoever finds it helpful.   It gives my life meaning to be doing something productive and positive.  It’s therapeutic for me to spend time and work taking care of my medicinal herb plants.  I talk to them and refer to my cannabis plants as “my girls”.

I am looking forward to providing more pictures, videos and stories of my marijuana adventures and what lead me into where I am now.

The marijuana strains in the featured image which is my current project are “Double Bubble” and “Pot of Gold“.  I will be vegging big enough to cut clones for future use and store retail.  Started the off with Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Organic Grow and Ancient Earth Organic.  The products came with a 6 month money back  guarantee if not amazed.  So I am excited to find out how amazing this is.

So I have the flood table set for 2 hour cycles of 9 minutes each.  They lights are on 16 hours and I will be double checking the ph tomorrow.  It was higher then I like for hydroponics at about 6.8.  I may need to reduce it.   Has anyone else used advanced nutrients organic?  Let me know how it works for you.  More to come as this cannabis grow room project progresses.  Any advice or tips would be welcome.

Minimum order amount is $100.00