THC Infused Edibles

Currently the only places where you can buy THC infused edibles in Canada without issue is from a First Nation dispensary. This is due to the fact that the control and regulation of cannabis products on Cannabis friendly First Nations are not regulated by Health Canada.

In fact our Alderville First Nation Cannabis industry members take the position of responsible self regulation within our designated territory where we have treaty rights and authority on our own land within reasonable limits.

High Test THC Infused Chocolate Bars RATED R (19+)

Delicious Belgian Dark Chocolate Infused With FULL Spectrum Cannabis THC

375 mg THC infused chocolate bars (25 mg per square)

High test Full spectrum THC infused chocolate bars: 375 mg THC : $22

750 mg THC infused chocolate bars (50 mg per square)

High test full spectrum THC infused chocolate bars 750 mg THC: $44

Get notified when our delicious and high test edibles are in stock and receive 10 percent discount off your first order.

Gourmet Edibles You Can’t Resist After Eating One

Get ready for delicious edibles that taste amazing that range from 10mg delicious caramels to other amazing tasting edibles containing from 20 mg to 100 mg

OMG Delicious and highly addictive flavour combination at just 20 mg THC you may be tempted to want more then one. Be careful eating edibles and know your limits. They do have a kick. $7

Breathtakingly delicious flavour that may lead to addiction. One is 25 mg THC and tastes so good you may not be able to resist more so be careful. $8

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THC Infused Cannabis Products coming soon.

Coming soon THC infused cannabis edibles
Coming soon THC infused edibles lotions and salves


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