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The History, Present, and Future of Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Canada

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The History, Present, and Future of Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Canada
One of the many forms in which cannabis can be ingested, edibles are a more discreet and delicious way of getting your THC high without the need of papers or pipes. For many who can’t handle the effects smoking has on their lungs, as well as the taste it can leave in your mouth, edibles are a convenient alternative. THC infused edibles are more potent and last for longer periods of time. They can come in many forms, however the most popular are gummies, chocolates, and baked goods (we’re a fan of our full-spectrum THC infused chocolate bars).
The history of cannabis-infused edibles.
There’s an interesting and delicious story behind the invention of edibles and how we’ve come to enjoy them today. They weren’t first created as “special brownies” in our grandmother’s kitchens and stored in Tupperware containers in the freezer for our parents to sneak and enjoy. Dating back even further than the 10th century India, where Bhang (an infusion of weed and other ingredients) was developed as a sleep-aid. Where in India or in Europe where its beginnings were more humble and medicinal, it wasn’t until around the 20th century that cannabis and edibles were used for more recreational reasons in North America.
The present position of THC-infused edibles in Canada.
On October 17, 2018, cannabis for recreational reasons, under the Federal Cannabis Act, finally became legal across Canada. A year later, this past fall, THC-infused edibles and topical products also joined their cannabis partners on the legal market. Products are expected to hit shelves in early 2020, depending on when stores apply for the 60-90 day grace period. The market for cannabis is moving fast and edibles are becoming the hottest item on the shelf.
Currently, First Nation THC-infused edibles are the only purchasable edibles available to Canadians. You can view Toking Teepee’s stock, including THC-infused chocolate-covered caramels here.
What we can expect for the popularity of edibles in comparison to other cannabis products.
11% of Canadian have already admitted to eating edibles previous to it becoming legal in October of 2019. In addition, a study done by Deloitte has predicted that at least 60% of all cannabis purchases will be in edible form once the transition to market is complete. THC-infused edibles will add almost $3 billion dollars a year into the Canadian economy, proving that people are moving away from inhaled and combustible marijuana.
Why pass around a germ-infested joint or chug around a bong full of dirty weed water when you can bring home delicious THC-infused chocolate edibles to share with friends? We have a delicious selection of THC-infused edibles with more stock to come.

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