THC Infused Edibles Dosage Chart

THC infused edibles also known as cannabis infused edibles when taken in safe doses can have beneficial safe effects.

If you are new to ingesting the edible form of cannabis in various treats and drinks you may be overwhelmed with the selection and the differences in dosages. You may be asking what is a safe dose for you to ingest and what is the safest way to eat THC infused edibles.

THC content per dose: 1mg to 2.5 mg THC

What to expect? Improved focus, mild pain relief, some new users may experience mild anxiety or stress

Who is it for: Beginners and new users. Micro-dosers.

THC content per dose: 2.5 to 15 mg THC

What to expect? Stronger pain relief more intense effects such as euphoria. May impair short term memory and coordination in some people.

Who is it for: Restless sleepers, patients with stronger pain relief needs, sociable people

THC content per dose: 15 to 30 mg THC

What to expect? More intensity of other effects than at smaller doses. Stronger pain relief. Anxiety relief if experienced. May induce discomfort and anxiety if not experienced.

Who is it for: Seasoned cannabis edibles consumers , medical patience with higher tolerances, experienced consumers with sleeplessness issues.

THC content per dose: 30 mg to 50 mg THC

What to expect? Very strong euphoria if not experienced. Altered perception. Relaxation and contentment if experienced. Stronger pain relief.

Who is it for: Cannabis users with high tolerances. People with low GI absorbency of THC rates.

THC content per dose: 50 mg to 100 mg THC

What to expect? If inexperienced this THC dosage could cause undesirable effects such as nausea, paranoia, dizziness, dry mouth, dehydration, rapid heart rate, delusional thinking. For experienced cannabis edibles consumers with higher tolerance relaxed, high pain relief, short term memory loss, zoned out feeling, euphoria.

Who is it for: Experienced cannabis users, cancer patients, patients with inflammation disorders, patients with conditions requiring higher dosages of THC.

Welcome to The Toking Teepee Alderville Cannabis Bud Grower Dispensary

Home of native Canadian Alderville cannabis bud farmer and where to find $100 per OZ bud near the green mile in Alderville Ontario tucked away in the heart of First Nation territory. At the Toking Teepee you will find descent quality bud grown organically and hand trimmed that some compare in quality to indoor grown marijuana.

The bud sold for $100 per OZ is typically 20 percent THC or higher.

cannabis bud
$100 per oz Cannabis Bud

The Toking Teepee isn’t your typical cannabis dispensary experience as you are buying direct from grower. If you are picking up some cannabis products here please phone or text in advance. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy as a cannabis buyer that you won’t get at most cannabis dispensaries:

  • No line ups
  • lower cannabis prices buying direct from farmer
  • organically grown cannabis bud main product
  • bonus medicine gifts with every order
  • buying direct from Cannabis growers in Alderville First Nation
  • Option to Preorder by eTransfer (contact for details)
  • coming soon: accept bitcoin payments and online payments

The Cannabis Bud Here Rocks!!!

Every marijuana bud is hand trimmed leaving the surface the crystals intact.

hand trimmed cannabis bud
Hand trimmed organic cannabis bud
organic bud
Surface Crystals from Organic Primo outdoor bud here. $100 per OZ.


While the Toking Teepee cannabis web site remains under construction you may contact us any time to purchase cannabis bud or other related products. David 289-251-1576

Alderville Cannabis Grower Fed Up with Bull Shit

As an Alderville cannabis grower I was taken in by BS about the Alderville cannabis dispensaries supporting the local producers by testing and selling our cannabis. With the exception of the Medicine Wheel dispensary where I am employed in security, other cannabis testing labs here are too over burdened with testing their outside supply lines to have time to test local cannabis bud.

My name is David Baker and I am a cannabis grower from Alderville First Nation. Last year I gave my full support towards promoting the self regulating cannabis industry emerging in Alderville. I even allowed myself to be video recorded in my cannabis garden and during an interview made the claim that the marijuana I was growing would go towards supporting my income by wholesaling to the marijuana dispensaries. Although I succeeded early in the harvest season to sell a small amount of bud to the Totem Pole and the Medicine Wheel it been at least 3 weeks and I can’t even get my cannabis buds lab tested at 2 different labs in Alderville who all are claiming to support the local producers. Although I am still able to have my product tested by Medicine Wheel as I am employed by them which helps there is no guarantee they will buy it but they often do which helps. I am not the only cannabis grower in Alderville this is happening to but everyone I know who doesn’t operate there own dispensary are being treated this way. I am just the first one willing to go public.

As a result of claiming my income on video from growing cannabis I gave up a lifetime of government support from ODSP. I am hugely disappointed having invested over $20000 in Williams treaty money to secure a lifetime income believing the dispensaries would honour their commitment and claim around the support of local Alderville cannabis producers. So far the only dispensaries that I was able to sell some early harvest bud were Medicine Wheel and the Totem Pole. Now it’s hit and miss as there is an abundance of harvest bud around for cheap still.

Where are all the dispensaries now that I have fully harvested?

The lack of cannabis dispensaries buying wholesale cannabis buds from my supply leaves me with just one option to still be able to sell my cannabis products. The cannabis products are to include THC and CBD infused edibles as well as extracts. I am now selling cannabis flower which has been lab tested at about 20 percent for $100 per OZ. 2 strains lab tested are King Tut and Kushy Kush. Also just added I have Baker’s Dozen honey oil available for $100 per 5 gram jar. There are 9 other strains waiting to be lab tested. Results will be published on product page.

Friends and visitors please just know that I am here not simply to sell my own products but also to help other local Alderville growers sell their cannabis too. All products will be lab tested. There are several families in Alderville First Nation who grow great cannabis bud that go unrecognized. I am here to be the voice and stake our claim. Help support local cannabis growers in Alderville and buy direct from farmer. Go to cannabis products page for more information.

Toking Teepee
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