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Alderville First Nation Cannabis Culture

Toking Teepee Marijuana Grow Season 2020

By March 17, 2020June 18th, 2020No Comments

Already have some nice mother plants started for upcoming clone season. Although clones are currently available I won’t be starting until mid May 2020 with outdoor ready cannabis clones being available. I am leaving strains unpublished until available for sale.

Last year Toking Teepee offered to personally grow your cannabis plant of choice in our secured marijuana garden outdoors.

Starting now if you want to be contacted regarding the same offer let me know by text message stating, “I am interested in being added to your contact list regarding growing 1 or more plants for the entire season until harvest for $200 per plant”. Text message David : 289-251-1576

The offer to grow marijuana plants for you is available for the first 100 people at that price at least. With that added money all the plants are going in the ground this year; as after many seasons it has been determined it’s worth the added cost of digging large plant holes and filling holes with good quality soil. Doing this facilitates water retention and every year in comparison the plants turn out much bigger. Although we only guarantee 1/4 pound per plant when it’s all said and done the weather is a big factor. in all likelihood you will end up with 1/2 pound or better with this years plan for your $200 investment.

The 2 biggest improvements from last years crop which a good part of the budget will go towards is a fully controlled irrigation system and all plants going in-ground in large holes. Also we (ie: I) will be purchasing 5 x 350 gallon reservoirs each irrigating 60 plants with a controlled diet in ph friendly water using ring soaker hoses individually directed to each hole. That means pumps and a complex network of irrigation lines.

On top of that the rest of the budget will be used up in provided good quality soil and plant food.

Reverse osmosis Oxygenated remineralized water for reservoir to delivery top quality food to the cannabis plants.
Secret sauce to keep it organic safely
Minimum order amount is $100.00